Victor Maida Part II

Throughout the week we went to various classes throughout the day to see Maura’s students. Schools often have three different times for students to attend. They go for about four hours in the morning, afternoon or evening. They only take core classes- math, science, history, Portuguese (like our English), geography, and a language (usually English or Spanish). Our days would be similar if we didn’t have electives in our schedule. This is the single biggest difference between our system and theirs. Also, most teachers, like Maura, have to work all three shifts to be considered ‘full time’. She works a crazy schedule- some days morning, afternoon, and night, other days just two of the three shifts. Some teachers have to work at multiple schools to get paid like a full time teacher. It seems very complicated. But more on that later…

They had another reception during the week for us as well. This one was for local teachers to attend to see out presentations and ask us questions. We saw some Victor Maida students sing and dance to start the night. They were great! Priscilla and I gave our presentations and answered a lot of questions about America, our school system, Brazil and what similarities and differences we saw. And… of course…FOOD! Always food. Always good food! I met a couple of teachers that night who spoke great English and we had some good conversations about education, politics both in Brazil and America.

Here the students say hello and welcome in English… better than my Portuguese!

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