The Food! Brasilia

I thought I would pay a little homage to the food in Brazil…it deserves a section all to itself because it was one of the best parts of the trip. From our first day in Brazil the food was amazing. I didn’t know much about Brazilian food outside of going to Fogo de Chao (the Brazilian restaurant), their affinity for cooking meat over flame, and watching Anthony Bourdain’s take on Brazil in one of his episodes. I have to say I was more than pleased with everything I ate! It was meat-centric for sure (not a bad thing) but I saw a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, and salads.

We were treated to a great buffet every morning at the hotel in Brasilia. It had all the familiar offerings but the fruit seemed to taste a little fresher and the coffee had that nice dark bite to it. The culture is juice heavy for sure. They must have had 8 different juices available every morning. The standouts were the cashew juice and the chlorophyll juice. Turns out the cashew nut is just one part of the whole fruit, the ‘nut’ we eat grows out of the bottom of the fruit. Who knew? The fruit is harvested and juiced. The chlorophyll juice was, to the best of my summation, wheat grass juice with a little pineapple thrown in to cut the bitter taste. They were both great.

We had an incredible buffet the first day we were in Brasilia. I don’t think I have seen a better buffet anywhere. They had fresh fruits and vegetables in various preparations-raw, cooked, steamed, marinated, sauced- everything. Various shellfish, charcuterie, bread and cheeses made up the rest of the meal. It was too much to try everything. After the ‘starter’ buffet we had to choose our main meal. We had a choice of steak or pasta. Everyone pretty much agreed that the buffet was better than the meal.

Brazilian coffee is a wonder. Deep, dark, rich… I could just live there and drink coffee all day.

We had more meals for lunch at the hotel and all of them were quite good. I spent time trying things I have never had before and I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t pretty good. Not bad for hotel food! We even had lunch at the public school that was prepared and brought in for us… even that was good! We were on our own for dinner a couple of days and had some good things at local restaurants. Nothing quite matched up to the first buffet we had…

On our last day in Brasilia, we took a trip down to the lake district for lunch after touring private school. Gina took a few of us to a place know for seafood. We had a chili/coconut style seafood stew with rice. It was amazing. It came to the table boiling in earthen clay pots. It reminded me of a stew or gumbo. A couple of us shared the shrimp and fish version. I could eat this every day. We went to a coffee shop for desert. A perfect meal.

Another staple in Brazil were these little fried cheese rolls/balls called Pao de Queijo (pon de kay-joe). They are on the right side of the photo below. We pretty much had them everywhere we went. I think I ate more cheese on this trip than I have in my entire life.


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